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View from Kalis\' Patio

Photos from the chilly Memorial Day weekend can be viewed on Flickr. Catey’s friend Sarah Delaney took some great photos too, including the lake shot above, and her pix are also on Flickr.

Thanks Papa and Grandma for the awesome airplane teeter-totter… we all love it!

Memorial Day 2007

Happy Memorial Day!Lakeport’s Memorial Day parade was a hit with our family. Nora and Grant scored big on the candy grabbing. There were lots of floats to support the veterans. And there were about 100 Corvettes!

View all the photos on Flickr.

Easter at the Ranch this year was nice and mellow. Joan and Ray had a simple brunch with just a few of the family friends. Nora was the only kid there, so she got lots of attention (and three separate baskets of candy!). View the photos on Flickr.

Here’s a video of Nora and Otto…

Merry Christmas from the Thompson Family!

View all the photos on Flickr.

Chris & Liz’s Ranch Party

Joan & Ray threw a huge wedding reception style party for Chris and Liz in Lakeport. Most of the folks who couldn’t attend the wedding were there. We had some great live music, yummy food and drink, and a killer slideshow of the Mexico wedding — it was a blast!

I need to get some photos from other people who were there, because I forgot to bring out my camera till the very end of the party, and I didn’t get any photos of Liz! Please email me if you have any photos I can add to this album. View the few photos I snapped on Flickr.