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Grant is FIVE!

Happy 4th Birthday Grantie!

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Shelly went out with some of her preschool mom pals, and I babysat for Grant and Quincy (and Nora too). I can’t tell you how amazingly perfect Nora and Grant were. Truly. I got to pay full attention to Quincy – giving her a bottle, changing a poopy diaper, singing her a song, cuddling her up. It was a nice “infant fix” for me.

The two preschoolers kept themselves busy with pretend play (saving the princess – Nora, of course – from a dragon), and lots of building blocks (they pretended they were bugs and they were roasting them up to eat them). There wasn’t any hitting, pinching or hair-pulling! I think those two are turning a big corner in Cousin-hood.

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Memorial Day 2007

Happy Memorial Day!Lakeport’s Memorial Day parade was a hit with our family. Nora and Grant scored big on the candy grabbing. There were lots of floats to support the veterans. And there were about 100 Corvettes!

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Rah Rah Ree!

Nora, Grant & Dell do a cheer old skool style. Lots of extras in this one!

Nora & Grant do a cheer, coached by Grandmama Meena

Merry Christmas from the Thompson Family!

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Happy Third Birthday Grantie!

The sound and the video seem a bit off in this one, but it still makes me happy to watch! Check out the rad train cake that Meena (a.k.a. Grandma Joanie) made – each kid got their own “train car” piece of cake.

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