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The Elf on the Shelf

1: Nora gets “Elf on the Shelf” from MamaT and PapaT

2: Dell reads “Elf on the Shelf” to Nora

3: Nora Discovers that the “Elf on the Shelf” has Moved!

The Elfin’ Thompson Family

Funny Elf Videos – Enjoy!

CLICK to watch the disco video
The Disco Elves

CLICK to watch the country video

The Country Elves

Click the picture to watch our Elfin' video.
NOTE: The video no longer works. OfficeMax has taken down the Elf Site.

I know Elf Yourself is a couple years old, and I know everyone and their brother is doing it… but it makes us laugh every time we watch it. Something about Dell’s head on the female body just gets my giggle going. Merry Christmas!

Lyon’s Crabby Christmas

Shelly & Chad hosted the family for a great evening of crab, kids, and a sighting of Santa! Chris, Liz, Sammia and Isabella came down from Chico. Grandmama Meena and Papa Ray were surrounded by all their kids and grandkids. We shared special Christmas memories around the table, and made a new one in the process. View the photos on Flickr.

How did it get to be December? What happened? I feel kinda like this Santa, needing a stiff dirty martini and a change of pants. I can totally relate to screaming Dougal-Baby Scott and dumbfounded Little Dell (photo circa 1967). “Wha Happan?”

It’s only 21 days till Christmas, and I am so not ready for it. Trying to get in the spirit, but it is slow coming. Maybe soon, hopefully soon… Nora is really helping, with her advent calendar excitement, and her pink twinkle lights in her room (not white or multicolored – they had to be pink). I bet after this weekend, it will really kick in. Crossing my fingers.

Aden’s Christmas Gift

Thanks to Aden for a great, HUGE undersea puzzle! The thing is as tall as Nora when fully assembled. Dell and Nora had a great time putting it together for the first time.

We flew to Houston on Wed 12/27 for a visit with the Thompson Clan. Lots of hanging out, visiting, eating, playing games. Nora stayed up for her first New Year’s Eve celebration. Very relaxing and fun to spend time with Dell’s family. View all the photos on Flickr.

Merry Christmas from the Thompson Family!

View all the photos on Flickr.

Blake’s New Motorcycle

click photo to view more pictures on Flickr

Our nephew Blake got a motorcycle for Christmas. Very cool! More pix of him riding and of the present opening are posted on Flickr