We are raising money to plant trees at and around Nora’s school, Rosa Parks Elementary, a San Francisco Public School. The schoolyard is all blacktop and chain link right now, and we’re working hard to change that. The city of San Francisco has put together this fantastic “buy a tree” program… the trees will be donated, installed, and cared for for 3 years by the city!

WANT TO DONATE? http://snipurl.com/trees4rosaparks
(Please be sure to enter “Rosa Parks Elementary” for the “name of SFUSD school”)

WE ACHIEVED OUR TREE GOAL, but you can still donate!

Dear Amazing Rosa Parks Green Team-

You have really outdone yourselves this time. In the last week, you have been able to raise $4800 towards your goal of 20 trees. That means you more than covered the cost of the initial batch. And the donations keep coming in; just in the past few hours someone from Redmond, WA donated another tree.

This has been an unparalleled success and has shown the organizers of the 2012 by 2012 Campaign (SFUSD, FUF, the Mayor’s Office, and the SF Green Schoolyard Alliance) what can be done at a school with an incredible parent base. I’m glad that the 2012 website and my offer to augment your efforts with District funding have helped to spur such an immense flurry of activity.

Now that you’ve reached 20 trees, Suzanne at FUF will be contacting you to schedule a planting date. As more donations come in, those will go toward your bigger goal of planting 30 trees. She can also talk to you about reaching out to the community and finding homeowners who would like to plant trees in front of their house.

Either way, come this fall, RP will have a new batch of trees to beautify the school and make kids feel well. Cheers to a job well done!


Nik Kaestner
Director of Sustainability
San Francisco Unified School District

INFO ABOUT THE TREE PROGRAM HERE: http://www.fuf.net/2012by2012/index.html

Creating a greener San Francisco, tree by tree! Tax deductible contributions to help plant 2012 new trees in and around SF schools by 2012. A program of SFUSD, in collaboration with Friends of the Urban Forest, SF Green Schoolyard Alliance, and the Mayor’s Office of Greening.