We headed to the Merced County Fair for some fun and music. First there were corndogs, pony rides and cotton candy.

Nora on Cinnamon

Then we met up with the Little Texas band and gang – Porter, Del, Duane, Dwayne, Mark, Jason and Donny. We got to be true groupies and hang out on the tour bus (thank god for A/C!). Nora got a signed pair of drum sticks from Del, and flirted with the guys.

Nora & Porter

Nora helped Jason sell stickers and t-shirts (she suggested “next time let’s sell MAKEUP too!”) in the schwag booth. She later commandeered a pair of earplugs, and used them for, well, nose plugs instead… whichever bandmember they came from, thank you and we threw them in the trash, so don’t worry!

Nose plugs

The next day we hit the Castle Air Museum and saw the vintage airplanes. Very cool, but waaayyy too hot to be walking around 11 acres of metal planes. Made you think of the sacrifices that the soldiers made then and are still making today. God bless ’em!


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