Every three years, come ’round mid-July, Dell trades in his leased car for a new leased car. This time, we decided to go from a “crossover SUV” to a standard sedan… So, it was so long Infiniti FX35

And HELLO! Infiniti M35

This new car is totally bad ass! Push a button to start it, with no need to insert a key. Bluetooth enabled car phone. Rear view camera. Voice activated GPS. Heated and cooled seats (ah, that cool butt feeling). More gadgets and buttons than I know what to do with (but Dell knows what most of them do).

We will take it on its first road trip tomorrow. Heading up with the whole fam-damily to Merced. Gonna take in the county fair, and see Little Texas perform again. Nora gets to ride some rides, and Otto will sit his boo-hiney in the Vagabond Inn while we stroll the midway.