Ahhh, what a relaxing weekend! Sam and Bobbi Kotara joined us for Friday and Saturday at my parent’s ranch in Lakeport.

We left Nora & Otto with Joan and Ray while the four grown-ups did a Napa Valley weekend. Sunday was Mudbaths and Massages at Indian Springs Resort – we stayed in a room at the newly built “Lodge” section of the hotel. Just lovely!

Monday night was the Little Texas concert at the Napa County Fair. Dell’s best friend from high school, Porter Howell, is the lead singer/lead guitarist/songwriter for the band.
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Those boys were working on a few hours sleep, and they put on a ROCKIN show! Thanks to Porter, Dwayne, Duane, Del, and Mark (not pictured) for being “Loud and Proud!” We can’t wait for the new song “Texas 101” to come out so we can sing along… The drummer Del blew up a monitor (speaker) – smoke was coming out the top!

Tuesday was the Fourth of July Parade in Calistoga. Lots of fun, patriotic floats, loud Harleys, clowns, sirens… your basic parade.
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Then it was back to Lakeport for an evening spent at the Tringali’s house with lots of friends – a slice of hometown goodness – and fireworks to end it all. OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHH!

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